Diet Therapy

"Whoever is the father of disease, nutrition is always the mother"

A healthy lifestyle combined with a well balanced diet appears to be necessary in prevention, treatment and management of certain diseases.

Diet therapy

Under doctor’s professional supervision, and an individual diet plan based on individual patient’s well-being, a patient can achieve complete control over diseases such as:
● Autoimmune diseases
● Diabetes
● Kidney diseases
● Insulin resistance
● Carcinoma

How long should a patient be on a diet?

Diet therapy is a balanced diet that should be implemented for a lifetime. The type of diet depends mainly on the type of disease itself. A patient needs to do the following in order to keep his ailment under control and take minimal doses of medication:
● Change of lifestyle
● Avoid bad habits and unhealthy foods
● Take care of nutrition and implement doctor’s recommendations
● Be physically active based on personal capabilities

Bad health habits, stress and unhealthy food consumption can often cause many diseases, even the serious ones. Balanced, regular and proper diet combined with physical activity can prevent diseases, sometimes even cure them. It is important that each type of diet is prescribed by a doctor depending on patient’s health problems.